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Subdocument - 8-K - ASTERIAS BIOTHERAPEUTICS, INC 8-K 10-12-2016
  Page 1 - N/A
  Page 2 - /s/ Ryan D. Chavez
Subdocument - EX-99.1 - EXHIBIT 99.1
  Page 1 - Clinical-Stage Cell Therapy Programs Addressing Significant Unmet Medical Needs in Neurology and Onc
  Page 2 - Statements pertaining to future financial and/or operating results, future growth in research, techn
  Page 3 - Strong Leadership Team with Proven Track Record Name Experience Steve CarttPresident and CEO Former
  Page 4 - Key Highlights AST-OPC1 (Pluripotent stem cell platform)Ongoing Phase 1/2a trial in spinal cord inju
  Page 5 - PROGRAM PRECLIN PHASE 1 PHASE 2 PHASE 3 STATUS AST-OPC1*Spinal Cord Injury (subacute) Ph 1/2a ongoin
  Page 6 - Pluripotent stem cell platformSignificant grant funding from California Institute of Regenerative Me
  Page 7 - Video
  Page 8 - Spinal Cord Injury: High Unmet Medical Need, Substantial Commercial Opportunity Spinal cord injury (
  Page 9 - AST-OPC1 is a cellular therapy utilizing oligodendrocyte progenitor cells (OPCs) AST-OPC1 is made fr
  Page 10 - AST-OPC1 Supported by Extensive Pre-Clinical Evaluation 14219863Text 04698Text 230237246Text Activit
  Page 11 - AST-OPC1: 4,000 patients addressable with target initial SCI label, plus 5,000 additional patients t
  Page 12 - Study DesignPhase 1/2a trial in progress (up to N=35)8-10 clinical sitesAIS-A and AIS-B patients2m,
  Page 13 - Widely adopted tool for clinical assessment of neurological impairment after SCIMeasures changes in
  Page 14 - ISNCSCI Exam ISCoS ISNCSCI Algorithm
  Page 15 - AST-OPC1 Therapy is Designed to Increase Patient Motor Function and Improve Quality of Life Ability
  Page 16 - AST-OPC1 SCiSTAR StudyProjected Enrollment Timeline 14219863Text 04698Text 230237246Text 2016 2017 Q
  Page 17 - Upper Extremity Motor Recovery Observed in SCiSTAR Study (as of Sept 2016)By AST-OPC1 Dose Administe
  Page 18 - All patients (100%) at both doses have exhibited improved upper extremity motor scores (UEMS) and ha
  Page 19 - Milestone Est. Date 6 month data from AIS-A Cohort 2 (10M cells) January 2017 12 month data from AIS
  Page 20 - Patient-specific (autologous)Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML)Process development/enhancement in prog
  Page 21 - AST-VAC1 is being developed as a treatment for maintenance of remission in AML patients 60 years and
  Page 22 - AST-VAC1 Has Potential to Safely Maintain AML Remission AML Two-Step Treatment Paradigm: Induction a
  Page 23 - 57% 10-20% 60 years oldN = 7 20-40% 58% All patientsN = 19 Relapse Free Survival at 52 Months(% of p
  Page 24 - Path Forward for AST-VAC1 Development Critical path: process development; ongoing, projected complet
  Page 25 - Non-patient specific (allogeneic), ready-for-use Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)Development partn
  Page 26 - AST-VAC2 Targets an Unmet Need in NSCLC, a Very Large Population of Cancer Patients with High Mortal
  Page 27 - AST-VAC2 is Allogeneic, Ready for Use, Non-Patient Specific AST-VAC2 cells are mature allogeneic den
  Page 28 - Anticipate MHRA clearance for Phase 1/2a NSCLC trial early Q1 2017Clinical trial sites expected to b
  Page 29 - Asterias Biotherapeutics AST-OPC1 (Pluripotent stem cell platform)Ongoing SCiSTAR Phase 1/2a trial i