The answer is partially positive. Legal Canadian pharmacies with official certification will never let their personnel send brand and generic drugs to the customers without a valid prescription from the American physical practitioner. Besides, a valid Canadian physical practitioner should study the America prescription information first, before packing the pillboxes into a parcel.

What Is Cosigning?

It’s a common practice for all pharmacies in Canadian provinces. A Canadian physician checks the information from the US prescription before letting a Canadian pharmacy specialist fill it. It means that cosigning is an extra review procedure destined to save the client from potential health problems. A licensed doctor determines whether the prescription from the USA is suitable for a patient. It’s a process of mutual acceptance. A client will be safe from extra fuss connected with the search of the Canadian physical practitioner — online pharmacy personnel will take care of the whole cosigning and mutual approval process.

Transferring Prescriptions from One Pharmacy to the Other

American online pharmacies don’t deal with prescription transferring from the US to the Canadian pharmacies. If you already have your American prescription for the medications you buy regularly, you’ll still have to request a new medication prescription to be able to purchase meds from the Canadian pharmacies.

Canadian Rules & Laws Regulating Prescription Transfer

  • There’s no possibility to transfer an existing medication prescription from the US to Canadian pharmacies;
  • Canadian pharmacies have a right to dispense the medications only after the acceptance of a certified physician from Canada;
  • The doctor will have to fax or mail the new prescription information together with the documented health history and recommendations of the American doctor;
  • A patient can send the new prescription information on his own;
  • A certified Canadian pharmacy can work directly with the American medical practitioner if a client has nothing against it.

It is also important to know this fact highlighted by

“US-originated RXs obtained by a drugstore from Canada ought to be confirmed by a local health organization or Canadian therapists. Only these specialists may assign a Canadian RX but before it is filled in, i.e. a blank form. Such an approach is called as co-signing.”

American Rules & Laws Regulating Prescription Transfer

  • American pharmacies are allowed to transfer prescriptions;
  • Prescription transfer to the foreign drugstores is not permitted on the governmental level;
  • Not all states are prohibited to transfer drug prescription abroad;
  • American pharmacists often reject to transfer prescriptions because the procedure is still not legal in the majority of the states.

US Citizens Can Order Prescription Meds from Canada

Regardless of the prohibitions, American citizens have been able to order medications from the Canadian pharmaceutical market for ages. Some of the representatives of governmental institutions of the northern states arranged regular medication tourism tours to Canada to help their citizens save on drugs. The situation is unsteady because Canadian regulations comply with the needs of the Americans, while the US government tries hard to keep the drug prescription transfer technically illegal. To increase your chances of having your prescription transferred, use such platforms as PharmacyChecker. Buying prescription drugs from the legal, reputable pharmacies saves time and money thanks to the regular discounts and a wide range of generic replacements. Most pharmacies in Canada belong to the Pharmacy Checker Verification Program. It’s a thorough verification trusted all over the world.

Drug Discounts in the US

Many Americans are still afraid of buying meds from online pharmacies. They feel insecure about purchasing pharmaceutical goods from abroad. Of course, it can be hard to find a reliable pharmacy, especially if it’s your first experience. Nevertheless, there’s a possibility to save on the meds even in your motherland.

Canadian Prescription Drugs Online: Americans’ Opinion

  • The Americans trust Canadian pharmacies more than the ones in their country;
  • Brand pharmaceutical products offered in the American pharmacies do not meet the financial capabilities of the clients;
  • Properly chosen generic replacements of the brand medications are not worse than the originals — they are as effective as their overpriced predecessors.

Short FAQs

Is it possible to get prescription meds from Canada?

Yes. You’ll only have to request a new prescription from your doctor and have it checked by the medical practitioner of Canada (it’s a regular practice for the Canadian pharmacies and the fully regulated process).

Why are the meds in Canada cheaper?

It happens because the government of Canada has the right to regulate the prices on brand and generic medications sold in the country. Generic drugs are several times cheaper because of minimum advertising and improved manufacturing technology.

Does Canada subsidize prescription drugs?

Canadian government manages to avoid the excessive costs on meds thanks to the governmental drug control policy. It gives Canadian pharmacies a possibility to offer low prices from reputable pharmaceutical manufacturers selling their products as cheaply as possible.

How do I know whether a pharmacy is legal?

Make sure the pharmacy of your choice has a legal address and contacts available 24/7 or following the official schedule.

Do I need a Canadian Prescription?

To order medications from Canada, you’ll need a new valid American prescription from your doctor. You should ask your doctor to send it to the trustworthy Canadian pharmacy or do it yourself if you are not willing to have anyone involved. A Canadian doctor will check your prescription and ask for the additional healthcare information if needed. In most cases, Canadian physical practitioners accept new prescription transfers.



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