Penicillin antibiotic Generic Amoxicillin
  • intake time: As directed by prescriber
  • action time: 2 hours
  • active ingredient: Amoxicillin
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Amoxicillin is the widespread oral antibacterial drug that belongs to the penicillin group and is used to treat a vast range of bacterial infections.

Basic Facts

  • It is frequently manufactured in the form of oral capsules.
  • This drug is applied to treat various infections, including pneumonia, urinary tract infections, gonorrhea and others.
  • It is not applied to treat viral infections of any kind, including cold and flu. More to the point, the use of this medication in such cases increases the risk of bacterial complications.
  • It is crucial to highlight that using any antibiotics without getting an approval from a doctor makes bacteria more durable and increases their resistance to drugs applied. As a result, doctors have to search for alternative medicines next time. And the selection of available antibiotics is limited.
  • This antibiotic fights bacteria by preventing them from building protective walls, which eventually kills them.
  • It can be safely used by patients of all ages, including kids.
  • It is manufactured and distributed under different brand names, for example, Amoxil, Trimox. Still, the mechanism of action, therapeutic effects, indications, side effects and drug interactions are identical. When choosing the antibiotic at the pharmacy, search by the name of the active ingredient and the dosage strength prescribed by your doctor.
  • In most countries, it is sold on prescription only.

Application of Amoxicillin

  • Again, first of all, one should keep in mind that this medicine should be used after getting an approval from a professional only.
  • When it comes to using antibacterial drugs, it is crucial to strictly stick to all the instructions of a doctor, especially those concerning the regimen and the duration of the treatment course.
  • When discussing the use of this antibacterial product with a doctor, warn if you are allergic to any medicines from the penicillin group or other drugs, as well as foods. If you have already used products containing this active substance before, highlighting that is also a must, since that increases the risk of allergic reactions. Besides, you must tell the doctor if you suffer from kidney problems, mononucleosis or diarrhea associated with use of antibacterial drugs.
  • If you plan to get vaccinated or have been vaccinated recently, this product will not suit you. So, discuss that issue with the specialist.
  • Certainly, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, that is worth mentioning as well. Experts have different opinions on whether this drug can be safely applied in such cases.
  • This medicine can also prevent birth control pills from working properly, so doctors usually recommend switching to a different contraception method.
  • As a rule, this medicine provides a fast effect. A patient starts feeling much better in several days. But that does not mean that he has already recovered. One should take the drug for as long as it is prescribed, otherwise, there is a high risk that some bacteria will survive and cause complications that will also require serious treatment.
  • Adults are usually prescribed a single dose of 250–500 mg. For kids that can be lower.
  • It is important to take it at the same times and at equal intervals, that helps to preserve the constant concentration in the blood.
  • It is usually applied 2 or 3 times a day.
  • Ask your doctor whether you should take it with food.
  • If there are no special instructions, make sure you drink plenty of water during the treatment course.
  • In case you use capsules, swallow them whole with water. Do not chew or open them.
  • As a rule, you will need to undergo medical tests on a regular basis during the treatment course, so that your doctor can monitor the progress and adjust the treatment strategy, if necessary.
  • It is not forbidden to drink alcohol during the treatment course.

How to Consume This Drug Safely?

  • The key rule is to follow the recommendations provided by your doctor and the instructions from the informational leaflet.
  • Do not change the dose, regimen or course duration at your sole discretion.
  • The most widespread adverse effects are nausea and diarrhea. If you cannot bear these symptoms or the situation does not get better, turn for medical help, but you should not refuse from using the drug at your sole discretion.
  • After analyzing the situation, a specialist will provide you with further recommendations on how to deal with the problems mentioned above. So, if you suffer from nausea, it is advisable to have a bite before taking a pill and to avoid filling and spicy food. In the case of diarrhea, the main recommendation is to drink a lot of water and other fluids. If one sees that the amount of urine has decreased or that its smell and color are more intense than usually, this means that one should drink more. Certainly, you should never take any extra medications to relieve the side effects specified without getting an approval from a medical specialist.
  • There is a risk of more serious adverse effects as well, but it is low. They may include diarrhea containing blood or mucus, pale stools and dark urine, yellowing of the eyes or the skin, pains in the muscles or joints, bruises, rash and others. Any adverse effects require consulting a professional. It is noteworthy that they can also appear within a couple of months after the treatment course is finished.
  • If you see an allergic reaction, like wheezing or skin rash, visiting a doctor is also a must. In some cases, use of antihistamines can help, but, in others, a doctor may prescribe a different antibacterial remedy.
  • You should never share this antibiotic with anybody, even if that person has symptoms that are identical to yours. This medication should not be used without medical observation.

Top 12 Questions about Amoxicillin

  1. What is it applied for?

It is indicated for treating various diseases caused by bacteria.

  1. How does it fight bacteria?

It interferes with the process of building walls. Bacteria cannot survive without protection provided by these walls and die.

  1. Can I try it if I have a cold or flu?

No. It does not work in the case of a viral infection, if there are no bacterial complications (which should be diagnosed by a medical professional). So, taking it in such situations is useless.

  1. Is it a prescription medicine?


  1. Is it prescribed to children?

Yes. But the dosage prescribed will be lower. Besides, there are liquid versions for kids.

  1. When will I feel the improvements?

As a rule, the state of a patient is normalized in a couple of days.

  1. Should I wash it down with water?


  1. Is it more preferable to take it before a meal or after it?

There is no difference in the overwhelming majority of cases.

  1. Is it a must to use it at the same times every day?

Yes, it is highly advisable.

  1. Is it safe to drink alcohol during the treatment course?


  1. Can this drug cause thrush?

Yes, there is a risk. If you notice any suspicious symptoms, turn to a doctor.

  1. Is it allowed to drive during the treatment course?

Yes. It does not usually affect concentration or alertness.

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