Proper distribution of responsibilities and rights within our company is always a priority. Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy is fully committed to good corporate governance practices, which means that it properly carries out all its obligations and meets its responsibilities. The board of directors of the company works in line with the highest principles of business ethics and meets the corporate governance requirements set by the government.

CNP adopted a Code of Ethics that applies to all employees, directors, and executive officers of our online pharmacy. The goal of the established Code of Ethics is to ensure fully transparent, ethical, and honest handling of any situations that may arise as part of the work process. This includes any conflicts and other misunderstandings between parties.

Our Code of Ethics is created to promote accurate, true, and full disclosure of information in any documents that we provide to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The same applies to other instances of public communications. We ensure that people who are obliged to adhere to the Code of Ethics are held accountable for their actions.

Another purpose of the Code of Ethics is to promote proper compliance with any relevant regulations, laws, and rules on the governmental level. Any violations of the rules specified in the Code of Ethics have to be addressed in the shortest terms and reported to appropriate individuals that are listed in the Code of Ethics.

It’s important for us that our company continues to function in compliance with the most relevant and modern business ethics. This applies to any communications between employees of the company and also those between employees and customers.